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New mom? Pregnant? Congrats. The perks are amazing. Cuddling, snuggling and newborn smiles are freaking awesome, What they don’t tell you though, except for the hair shedding, crazy hormones and massive amount of love, is that babies cost a lot. I mean a lot of money. As a new mom myself (Mason is now 10 weeks old), I’m finding it hard to deal with all the baby products needed, trying to keep it together, finding ways to lower our weekly costs, that can reach hundreds of dollars.

What You Don’t Know About Baby Diapers and Formula Is Costing You A Fortune!

Stockpiling? Think again. I started collecting coupons which helped a ton, but that wasn’t enough. I new I needed to test new baby products such as baby diapers, I mean I didn’t even know what size my baby would need or if one brand was better then the other. After mom friends told me to stockpile on diapers (WORST advice ever). That only made me lose money as my baby outgrew the NB size really quickly. What worked for Melissa didn’t work for me.

Clothes diapers?
I even considered using clothes diapers, but I knew that wasn’t the best option for us as well. Still, I didn’t want to compromise on my baby’s skin health, so I kept looking for diapers that suited my baby’s sensitive skin and that were ultra absorbent.

Free Baby Wipes? Please. :)

What I’ve learned was that baby brand will do everything to get in touch with us new moms? Yes, just like in the hospital where they wanted to send us free samples. I stumbled upon Jessica Alba’s super cool baby products, The Honest Company, and she offered a free trial of diapers & wipes. Of course I signed up.

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I started getting coupons to my mailbox and I absolutely fell in love. Diapers with strawberries on them? I mean that’s just too cute. The quality was amazing and my baby’s skin was back to perfect. But I didn’t want to stop there. You also get to experience a forum full of new moms just like you and I felt like a needed someone who is going through the same thing as me, who could listen to me, would be just I needed.

As a bonus I got a free baby day bag, a bottle cooler which is a must have product for new moms, wether you are nursing or formula feeding your baby. Showered me with samples that ended up saving me about $127 in the first month.

Here’s The #1 Way To Save Money on Baby Stuff – And I’ll Prove It To You!

My number one tip to you as a new mom is stop listening to other moms advice. What helped them wouldn’t necessarily help you or your baby. Trust me, I’ve waisted a lot of time and money doing so. Getting all these free coupons and samples helped me really understand what I needed and what was simply overrated. Learn more on how to get baby products for your baby now.

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I’m 23 weeks pregnant today and so excited. We have found out it’s a boy and I can already feel him kicking quite a lot in my belly which feels amazing. Of course the whole family is excited for us and we’re are truly blessed. With all the ultrasound appointments and blood test to see the pregnancy is getting along fine and baby is healthy, comes the thought of soon I’m going to be a first time mom, to a beautiful newborn baby boy. With that comes the worry of how the birth will be, and of course I have it in mind, a natural birth as possible, even though I can’t tolerate the smallest headache, haha, but I know it’s the right thing to do for me and might be best for a quicker birth.

We are just getting used to the idea of becoming first time parents and as a new mom I’m always preparing myself by reading lots of other forums with pregnant ladies with the same due date as mine, so we are going through quite the same things and having the same questions which makes it a little bit more relaxing. If it’s the hunger that strikes once in a while, the food we eat, the vitamins we take and even what do we do to keep in shape. This is a very important issue for me, keeping baby and me healthy. I try to take 1 hour walks each day which is very safe for baby and helps balance the hormones that are all over the place right now. So far I’ve gained 20 pounds, although I was used to working out with a trainer twice a week, so I was in tip top shape. I know we’re supposed to gain weight, but it’s so easy to indulge in ice-cream and cakes and think it’s OK because we are eating for 2, but we should also be eating healthy foods to keep this pregnancy as healthy as possible.

So far I must say I’m pretty lucky, I feel good, just a tiny bit of nausea in the 1st trimester of this pregnancy, that passed with ginger tea, and stopped by the 2nd trimester. I don’t have any pains or aches other than that, and my main goal right now is to enjoy this beautiful time. :)

Baby clothes can consume most of your family’s budget because most trendy baby clothes these days are expensive. For moms who want to make ends meet in terms of their family finances, going for cheap baby clothes must be done. This is not something to worry about because your baby will still look fabulous if you know where to find affordable yet stylish baby clothes.

I will tell you how you can do this. The internet gives us this ability not just on cool baby clothes but also on other products. We just have to be very patient and skillful in doing online research. I would also suggest that you sign up on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Also, joining Pinterest is also very helpful.

Almost all online store sellers these days have their Facebook fan page or Instagram account because these two platforms are very powerful in terms of marketing and media exposure. To find online sellers of cheap baby clothes you have to use the “hashtag” feature in the search box. Hashtag is the symbol “#”, for example, type in “#cheapbabyclothes”, people who post about cheap baby clothes will appear on your newsfeed. Normally you will find details on the pictures and you will find the name of the online store.

I find Pinterest more enjoying than Facebook and Instagram because the interface is very user-friendly and the minimalist appearance gives me a good feel. Pinterest is more on pictures so you will see the picture e of the product. Just type in the search box what you are looking for and a gallery of beautiful pictures will appear right in front of you. Click on the picture and look at the details below so you will see the source of the picture. If the source is an online seller then you’ll probably see his or her website on the description.

Top Three Baby Formula for Your Growing Baby

On March 27, 2015, in Free Baby stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

fun baby productsLet me share my top three baby formula that I think are very good for growing babies, not for newborns but for babies 2 years old and up. I based this ranking on the opinions of my fellow moms according to the affordability and effect on their babies.

1. Enfagrow’s Mialac 3 Toddler Formula
We all know that the Enfa-series is really excellent in terms of its nutritional value. Most pediatricians recommend this baby formula to new moms. Even in hospitals, when new moms don’t produce breast milk yet, Enfalac is what they give to babies. They even give free baby formula samples of this. No wonder Enfagrow Mialac 3 Toddler formula is the top choice of most moms I know.

2. Holle Organic Growing-up Milk
I’m sure by now you know the good benefits of using organic products and that include organic baby food such as the Holle Organic Growing-up milk. Made from natural ingredients which means that the milk is produced from plants that are free from pesticides or cow that was not injected by growth hormones or antibiotics that has possibility to pass on to the milk.

3. Cow & Gate growing up milk
Once of the things moms like about a growing baby is that the choices for food is not limited because the child’s body has already been developed and they have more resistance to food and drinks that adults also eat. This time, babies can now drink cow’s milk and replace the baby formula without having to worry about diarrhea and tummy ache. Most moms said that this brand is really good and not expensive. Their children enjoy drinking this brand and would even ask for more.

Baby bottles are made of plastic material. That means, this product is produced using chemicals that can pose danger on your baby. Not so long ago, there are some brands of baby bottles that were recalled because of having BPA content. There were many reports of its toxic effects to young infants. These companies have withdrawn most of their baby bottles found to have BPA contents. This issue has been very controversial not just in the US but also all over the world. US FDA, the European Union, and Canada have permanently banned the use of BPA in baby bottles.

BPA stands for Bisphenol A is a colorless solid that is soluble in organic solvents. It is poorly soluble in water, according to Wikipedia. For adults, absorbing certain levels of BPA in the body will not pose danger because an adult body can actively detoxify it through the liver. However, for young infants, this function of the body is not yet fully developed, thus, it is important that anything they use must not contain BPA, particularly baby bottles, spoon, fork, or any baby supplies they use on their mouth.

If you sign up for a product on the internet for pregnancy freebies and received feeding bottles, make sure to check if it’s BPA free. Normally, in the US, every feeding bottle is tampered with “BPA-free” logo or if not, it can be seen printed on the box. If you can’t find it or you are unsure of its content, google the brand name and read reviews about it or better yet, do not use the product. You can still use it for other purpose though.

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Internet or what we call the cyber world is not any different from the real world in terms of danger. One of the most common traps in the internet is when scammers offer free products. For moms, they would easily fall prey when offered with free baby samples or products that are really attractive. That is why during these times, we have to be extra vigilant when we use the internet and give out information about ourselves.

We have to know first the site that go to as well as the questions we answer. When we go to different sites, make sure that they are reputable sites with many subscribers. You will easily know this just by the look of the site. If you feel suspicious, leave the site immediately because sometimes if these sites are not scamming sites probably they would be unsafe sites that will send virus on your computer like malwares and spywares.

Normally free baby samples are just small packages or kits of products like free formula samples, baby clothes, or of bathing essentials. If you are offered with free baby samples of McLaren stroller that costs about more than $300, then you should think twice about this. Maybe it’s a scam.

Don’t give out too personal information. Example of this is your credit card number or the 3 or 4 digit security number at the back of your credit card. You will only use this information when you shop online at reputable sites like Amazon or when you use your Paypal. Many moms have been victimized by fraud because of this kind of tactics. Be careful clicking links when you land into a website that offers attractive baby freebies. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Moms always need to be aware of what’s happening around, even on the internet.

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The Top 3 Online Baby Stores for Moms

On March 18, 2015, in Free Coupons, by Amanda Mitchell

free stuff for baby by mailToday, I want to share my top 3 online baby stores. I ranked them based on the designs and quality of the stuff they sell, the affordability of their baby products, and my customer baby shopping experience. Disclaimer: This is only my opinion and I was not paid to do this. I just want to share why I think and believe that these baby stores are excellent among the other baby stores online. I won’t include big online stores like Ebay and Amazon because these stores are not just exclusive to baby products.

1. Baby Age – This company has created a really good name because it has been included as one of the top 500 online retailers. I like shopping at this website because the interface is very easy to understand. If you are a new shopper you will never get confused when you are in this website. The products they sell are quality brands and they have good customer relations.
2. Babies R Us – This is one of the baby stores I like to spend my extra time browsing on. They have wide range of products and almost everything I need for my baby is here.
3. Baby Earth – This company offers “green” baby products which you can’t find on other stores. I like buying stuff here for my child whenever I feel like I want to contribute to the good of our environment. I always check out their latest products every now and then.

The Top 5 Baby Toys Your Child Would Definitely Love

On March 15, 2015, in Fun Baby Stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

Newborns don’t really appreciate baby toys yet until they reach the age 2. If you notice, children below two easily get bored with toys because they still have very short attention span on things. So if you are a mom who gets worried because you keep buying toys that your baby doesn’t appreciate, it’s just okay, this phase is just normal and once they reach 2, you’ll be surprised how they would go crazy over colorful toys they see on TV or at shopping malls. Just keep the ones you already bought because these baby toys could come in handy very soon.

Below is the list of baby toys your child would love. These toys are also the best baby gifts you could give a child.

1. Teether toys made from natural rubber.
Have you heard of Sophie the Giraffe toy? One of the reputable baby websites ranked this toy as the number one top pick for moms. This is because it is made from natural rubber and very safe for teething babies. The design is also very ideal for little kids and it has cute squeaking sound effect that is lovable for small children.
2. Stacking Cups
The colorful cups attract the baby’s imagination. This is a very good educational yet amusing toy for little tots. Babies can use this as they bath, play in the sand, and other baby activities you can think of.
3. Baby Rattle
There are many types of baby rattles but if you were to choose one, go for the key type rattle that comes in different colors. They are easy to clean and makes a cute and not so loud sound.

Modern moms are practical that is why instead of going for signature baby clothes they would rather go for the less expensive ones they could find on the store especially if for baby boy clothes. Clothes for babies can be trendy yet affordable. There is no need to go to expensive malls because you can find cheap baby stuff online but has good quality and nice appearance.

When buying baby boy gifts, it doesn’t always have to be toys. Some moms would prefer if you give their child clothes because they are more useful especially for newborns up to 3 years old. This age range is the ones who easily get bored with toys. Whenever I ask most of my friends who are mothers too about what type baby gifts for boys or girls their child would want for their birthday or for Christmas, most of them would say clothes.

Some of them would like set of clothes that their child would wear at home while some would ask for a pair of shirt and denim for their child to wear when going out or for special occasions. I find a lot of online stores who sell trendy baby girl and baby boy clothes. Just in Facebook and Instagram there are so many online store owners that sell different baby stuff. Another social media platform where you can find these sellers is Pinterest. If you haven’t sign up yet on these sites, I suggest you start joining now because these are really great online marketplace to buy baby girl and baby boy clothes for less.

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baby with kissesIf you are a frequent reader of different baby sites like, you may notice different ads appearing on the side of the website. There is no harm clicking it like the ones here on my website because it will just direct you to another website where you just need to fill out a form or a survey about baby products. Of course your effort will be paid off because you will be receiving baby things from the company in the form of free baby stuff samples.

When doing this you just have to be extra careful so that you fall into scammers’ traps where they will just get your personal information. Make sure that you this activity on reputable sites only. Normally, the free baby stuff that you will be receiving are from new brands who want to introduce their product to the public, but there are other known brands that are also giving out cool baby stuff especially if they have new products to launch.

One of the well-known brands that give away free baby stuff to consumers is Johnsons and Johnsons for free baby essentials like soap, shampoo, and lotion. Pampers and Huggies also give away product samples of their diapers and baby wipes to moms with newborn. For formula samples, Enfamil gives away samples of their products in sachets. I would recommend visiting the website of the companies you would like to try and check if they give away free baby samples.