Free Cool Stuff for Babies

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Get free baby stuff by mail today! It’s so easy I will help you find all the best products and resources to save money and enjoy quality products without any cost. This should help you and your baby find new products for free and get to test them and see if you want to keep using them.
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There are many moms who save hundreds of dollars each month on free baby stuff by mail so I encourage you to start joining them and enjoy all the benefits of getting free baby stuff.

How to Find Cheap Baby Clothes for Your Little One

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infant car seat covers Have you ever wondered why you will only seldom see cheap baby clothes in the store? Maybe you are asking the same question why baby clothes are so expensive despite being so small. Maybe, because of the pieces being so small that the dressmaker had a hard time putting it all together. Well we don’t know but one thing I know about this is that you can always find trendy baby clothes can be affordable too.

Just like free baby samples you find in the internet, baby clothing companies are also offering great deals on their products. Here are some tips you can use to scout for cheap baby clothes:

- Watch out for discount and sale items. Normally, all stores do this kind of promo at the end of every season. This is to get rid of all their past designs and styles as they prepare for the coming of their new merchandise.
– Make use of coupons. No one can argue about this because we all know how coupons can be very useful especially if you want to save when you shop. Baby coupons can be all over the internet or at the back of your daily newspaper and catalogues; you just have to look for them.
– Scout for garage sales in your neighborhood. I’m pretty sure you’ll find cool baby clothes that are second hand at very, very low price.
– If you have relatives or a family member that has kids I’m sure they would be very willing to give or lend to you their old baby stuff. Imagine, you don’t need to look for cheap baby clothes because you can get free ones from them.

feedingSome working moms find it hard to breastfeed their babies once they go back to work after giving birth, that is why most of them resort to giving baby formula to their infants. Even homebased moms are experience the same thing especially when they have minimal supply of milk coming out from their breast for some reasons.

Use of baby formula is a great substitute to breast milk, although breast milk is still the best and nothing could compare to the wonderful benefits it provide. However, there are baby formula milk brands that are so good and full of nutrients too that can be really good and healthy for young infants. Top baby milk brands out there are Enfalac, Promil, Similac and more.

To pick the best option for your baby, it would be best to check out the nutrition facts label at the back of the can. There youkan see all the type of nutrients the milk provides and the amount it contains. Almost all of the brands mentioned above are pretty much the same in nutrients but they just differ in the amount.

These companies also offer free baby formula samples that you can try for your baby. Not all babies are the same and what’s good for other may not be good for some that is why you have to try it first by buying small packs so that you won’t waste your money. You can also try organic baby formula made from all natural products. The key here is to find the best brand that will be your partner as you grow your little one.

Choosing Free Baby Bottles and Pregnancy Freebies

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Baby bottles are very essential for moms and babies. Not all moms can breastfeed and that is why having baby bottles around makes your parenting life easier. Even if you are an exclusively breastfeeding mom you still need bottles and baby supplies to contain your breast milk. It doesn’t always mean that you won’t need this product anymore if you are a fulltime breastfeeding mom.

One of the perks of being pregnant is that you get a lot of pregnancy freebies over the internet. All you need is a little bit of internet skills and patience to search and discover these companies that gives away free samples which include baby bottles. If you are going to do this, you have to be very choosy. Even if you are going to receive this for free it doesn’t mean that you have to just use and accept the package you will receive.

Baby bottles have to be safely manufactured. It is not you who will use it but your tiny helpless infant. There are news about toxic chemicals being combined with the plastic material when manufacturing feeding bottles. This can pose great harm on your baby, that is why it is very important to look at the contents of the product before using it. In the US, all baby product including feeding bottles are BPA-free.

The US government makes sure that all baby products imported in the US will pass the standards imposed by the FDA. Though this is practice in the US, we still need to make sure about this because we’ll never really know if all the products are scanned thoroughly.

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Why Free Baby Samples is Easy to Find

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Many of my blog followers and readers are asking me how exactly they can get free baby samples online. Let me get this clear, the baby freebies I am saying on this website don’t come from me. I am not a company and I don’t sell baby stuff either but one thing I can guarantee, that through this blog I will frequently give all of you great ideas and tips on how to get free baby samples over the internet or through mail.

When I was still pregnant with my children, I constantly check on the baby companies especially those who make baby formula milk. I try to look to the website of each of these companies and scout if they give away free formula samples. Most of the time they will put this information on their website but sometimes they do this in partnership with bloggers and other third party providers.

Of course, the safest way for you to access these free baby samples is through the company’s official website because you will be guaranteed of its legitimacy. Some websites are will just scam you and get your personal details so be careful. Normally companies will just ask for your name, email, telephone number, and of course, your shipping address.

One of the reasons why they need to collect your email and telephone number is because they will put it in their database because you are a potential customer. When they sent you out their free baby samples and you liked it, of course you will be one of their customers and that would generate sales for them.

The Beauty of Buying from Online Baby Stores

On January 11, 2015, in How to Save Money, by Amanda Mitchell

For a pregnant woman who prefers to stay at home, there is so much to be thankful for, especially the internet where online baby stores are very accessible. With this technology, who needs to gout for shopping when you can already baby shopping for things at a click of your finger? Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy are the top online shopping sites were you can find good deals. You can pay with your credit card and just wait for a day or two for the product to be shipped on your doorstep.

The beauty of online shopping is that you can also access international sites and buy from them, but of course it will take you a hefty amount buying from international baby stores online and it will take longer for you to receive the product. Nowadays small scale entrepreneurs, crafters, and homemakers are venturing into online business to showcase their product. In fact, you will find a lot of these on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

As a frequent online shopper, l love hunting for this kind of online baby stores. The most interesting for me are those who sell and make handmade baby stuff and organic baby products. What I do to find these specialty online stores aside from finding them through Google is through If you haven’t hear about this wonderful social media platform, I recommend you go to their website, sign up, an start browsing from their thousands of picture and collect them in one place for reference.

Why Baby Toys is a Must Even for Infants

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baby bath productsAs someone who has attended several baby shower parties, I have noticed that giving baby toys is one of the best baby gifts you can give to the expecting parent. Why? This is because I noticed that most of the other attendees always give clothes, if not, baby towels and bottles. Also, expecting parents usually buy a lot of baby clothes in preparation for the big day so there are already many clothes for the baby when they come out.

Though many would still prefer not to give baby toys until the baby is ready to play, I still think that this gesture is just okay because after a month or two, the baby can already see things and having a colorful toy around can fascinate them and practice their baby vision. Another thing is that there are good toys out there that produce fascinating sounds for babies and sometimes these stuff can help parents to ease a crying infant, baby rattle is a good example.

There are many baby websites out there that offers cute, colorful, and safe baby toys that are ideal for new born infant. You just have to pick the best ones that could offer the beat products for delicate infants. Aside from baby rattle, some of the best toys for babies are plushies, music toys, crib mobile, and puppets. Some of the best brands of baby toys are LaMaze Fisher Price, Chicco, and BabyEarth. Going to through each’s website may give you good deals as they frequently offer promos and discounts on their products.

Dressing up your baby boy with baby boy clothes is easier than dressing up your baby girls. This is because in my observation which I’m sure other moms have observed, baby boy clothes are simpler than female babies. Normally a pair of shirt and pants will do for your baby boy and you are ready on the go. Unlike baby girls where you need for them to wear a ribbon or bow so that people outside will not mistake them for a baby boy.

The most common and popular color for baby boy clothes is blue and green while for girls is pink and yellow. So, if you are going to buy something as baby gifts for boys or girls these colors are very safe. If you are not sure about the gender of the baby, I would suggest buying white colored baby stuff is the safest. White is refreshing and clean to look at, and also just like what the saying goes “You will never go wrong with white.” (or black?)

But actually nowadays, the color of clothes doesn’t really matter anymore even for babies. The modernity of this present time makes us very creative in terms of mixing and matching colors. Male can wear pink, hot pink, magenta, or fuchsia if they want to as long it looks good. Girls can also carry the blue and green color very well.

But again, not all people are fond of these modern changes, so I would still suggest going for the safe colors whenever you give some a baby girl or baby boy gifts.

How to Safely Sign up for Free Baby Stuff Online

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There is no better way to get stuff for your babies than having free baby stuff sent to you at the convenience of your own home. Yes, you can get cool baby stuff from different brands by just signing up and joining through online or by mail. If you think that getting baby stuff for free is complicated then you are wrong because there are so many companies out there who are very much willing to send their sample products to you for free.

If you are an internet savvy mom and loves to research about baby products then you are so close on getting these baby things for your little one. Just be careful enough to share your information because sometimes many suspicious sites out there will just scam you and get your details. When you search for free baby stuff, always remember that you are looking for FREE products and if you land in a website asking for your credit card details and other “too” personal information which may seem very irrelevant to the product then ignore that and look for other websites that are proven legit.

One of the best ways you can do to avoid these fake free baby stuff website is to get their website name or maybe the domain name and do a search on Google to check if this is a real website that can provide you free stuff for your babies. Usually these real companies will offer you only free sample packs and not a whole lot of expensive packages. Go for these sites that provide free baby samples.

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Simple Solution to Treat and Prevent Diaper Rash

On December 30, 2014, in Baby diapers, by Amanda Mitchell

cheap cloth diapersTreating your baby’s diaper rash could be pretty complicated at times especially if the old effective diaper rash cream you are using before doesn’t work anymore. If this is the case, you have to find a new product that will help you treat your baby’s diaper rash or refer to home remedies for diaper rash and start learning how to prevent this from happening.

The most common cause of diaper rash is of course, the use of diapers. When the baby urine gets full on the diaper and your baby’s bottom is exposed on it for long particularly during night time, the tendency is for your baby to experience rashes on their skin the morning after. Diaper rash cream works on this type of cause because they are specifically formulated for that skin problem, but not all brands work, and that’s kind of weird. If this happens, you have to try a different brand until you find the best brand that will work on your baby and will be gentle on his skin at the same time.

One suggestion that I always tell when someone asks me for advice is to always apply petroleum jelly on your baby’s bottom every single time you change their diapers. I use petroleum jelly simply because it is waterproof and gives the skin enough moisture against dryness brought by the use of diapers. Also, I find that chemicals used to make diapers can cause irritation so once in while I use organic diapers for my baby.

Where to Buy Unique Baby Girl Clothes?

On December 27, 2014, in Fun Baby Stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

Having a baby girl is enjoyable especially if you are the type of mom who loves to dress up baby girl clothes on your daughter. I see a lot of moms and daughters on Pinterest who dress up the same and I really find it cute. Dressing up a baby girl is definitely a stress reliever particularly for fashionista moms out there.

Mixing and matching dresses and colors and trying it out on your baby is such a fun hobby and I encourage every moms out there to this as long as your baby girls still trust your fashion sense. This is because when they started to dress up by themselves you are going to miss doing this. There are many online boutiques nowadays that sells cute baby gifts for girls especially baby girl clothes, bows, blouses and other baby stuff you can give as baby girl gifts.

Among my favorite baby girl clothes online store are Carter’s and Little Me which also sell boys clothes and stuff for toddlers. I also watch out of for small business owners online who makes and sell baby girl clothes and stuff. Tara Baby Shop is one of my favorites and so are Pitta Pitta and Icrafts.

If you are on the lookout for great handmade stuff for babies, I would suggest you visit because they have the largest database of handmade online sellers all over the world and I’m pretty sure you will find a lot of them there. Many unique items for babies are showcased on Etsy and it’s really fun browsing that site especially for stuff you can buy for your baby girls.