Free Cool Stuff for Babies

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Get free baby stuff by mail today! It’s so easy I will help you find all the best products and resources to save money and enjoy quality products without any cost. This should help you and your baby find new products for free and get to test them and see if you want to keep using them.
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There are many moms who save hundreds of dollars each month on free baby stuff by mail so I encourage you to start joining them and enjoy all the benefits of getting free baby stuff.

What Are Your Thoughts on Huggies Pure and Natural diaper?

On February 25, 2015, in Baby diapers, by Amanda Mitchell

Almost all moms are familiar with Huggies as diaper brand. I have used Huggies before on my first born and I use their regular type of diaper. I didn’t know that Huggies has a line of organic diaper which is the Huggies Pure & Natural baby diaper. I have read about this on their website just recently when I was trying to scout for free product samples.

It says on the Huggies website that this product is shaped and cut accordingly to protect the newborn’s umbilical cord while healing. It is made from organic cotton and is hypoallergenic. It also caught my attention when I saw the this product contains Aloe and Vit E. Isn’t it that aloe is known to moisturize your skin and Vitamin E makes the skin healthy? And since this product is hypoallergenic does this mean no diaper rash will occur?

How I wish anyone here could share their experience with this diaper. If none, then I might as well start looking for free diaper samples of this and check out this product like what I always do. I’m just so happy that this company finally decided to take their product to next level while showing concern for the environment.

If all diaper companies will offer this kind of product, a lot of people will benefit. For my next baby I will be using this diaper but of course I have to try first if this is really a good deal.

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Are You Considering Organic Baby Formula?

On February 22, 2015, in Free Baby stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

feedingThese days a lot of organic products are being marketed because of its wonderful f features and benefits. From food to clothing, organic products have been proven to be the best choice if you want safe and eco-friendly products, but how about in formula milk for your young ones? Are you considering to give your newborn organic baby formula? How does this product differ from the typical non organic baby products you see in the stores?

We all know that the next closest thing to feed your baby when you don’t have enough breast milk is formula milk. They have nutritious element that can also be found in breast milk such as calcium, iron, vitamins and minerals, ARA, DHA, and others. How about organic formula milk? Can we be sure that they have the same components? We just know that when we say organic, that means the product is all-natural and no chemicals included. Below, are some of the popular brands of organic formula milk I found while searching over Google.

Bright Beginnings Organic Formula

The contents of this product are cleared from any harmful pesticides and according to them, there are no growth hormones an antibiotics used on the cows that produces the milk. Based on their contents, this organic formula milk brand contains DHA and ARA.

Similac Organic Baby Formula

Among the top brands like Promil, Enfalac, and other formula milk brands, Similac is the only one who offers organic formula brand. Aside from the all organic ingredients this product contains, it also uses organic high oleic sunflower, organic coconut oils used as the fat source, and it also contains organic soy.

Parent’s Choice Organic Formula

This is the organic milk like of Walmart. Just like Bright Beginnings, Parent’s Choice also uses pesticide free ingredients an no antibiotics in the cow’s milk.

So you see, organic baby formula is not just safe and earth-friendly but it can also be as healthy as the other brands of milk you got used to.

Have you heard about organic baby clothes? If you haven’t, I will explain to you what organic baby products are including clothes and how this product differs from the usual products we use in our daily life. Organic products are all-natural products, meaning they are made from natural materials without any chemical components. Normally they are made from plants, animal produce, and other materials that our nature produces.

Organic products like organic baby clothes are more expensive than the regular baby clothes we buy in the stores. This is because the materials are pure and the way it was manufactured is very intricate since there are no chemicals involved to make the process a lot easier. Not all stores offer natural baby products but there are some stores who are very dedicated in providing all natural merchandises for babies like Earthbaby.

Aside from organic baby clothes, there are also organic products especially made for babies such as organic diapers or the compostable diaper, all-natural baby soaps and shampoos, organic baby mattress, organic baby food, and even organic baby formula milk. Many have seen the benefits of using organic products that is why there are many companies nowadays that are putting up a line of organic products. The use of all natural products is very good for the environment and it is also safe for people to use especially for babies.

There are studies that show chemical compounds from the things we use can cause diseases. If we really want the best for our children then we can start by using products on them that are safe and eco-friendly.

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Free Diapers and Free Stuff for Your New Baby

On February 16, 2015, in Free Baby stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

When I was still pregnant with my firstborn one way for me to collect things for my child before the arrival is to sign up for free stuff online like free diapers. Whenever I have extra time, I make it a point to browse every site I know that sells baby stuff online. I always look on their page and find if they give away free sample packs.

The reasons why I do this is because (1) I want to have as many things for my baby even before I deliver, in that way I would worry about her things and all I need to focus on is how I will take care of her. The next reason is of course, they are FREE! Who doesn’t want to get free stuff especially if the product is for your baby? Another reason why I do this is because I want to try and test as many products as possible so I know which would be the best one for my baby.

I have tried several brands from the free diapers I have received and some of them caused baby rashes. Good thing I also receive products for diaper rash remedies. I was able to compare all the products I’m using and in the long run I get to learn which ones to keep on my grocery list and which ones to avoid. I would encourage all moms to do the same. There is nothing to lose on doing this yet there is so much to gain.

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Popular Stores That Sell Cute Baby Clothes

On February 13, 2015, in Free Baby stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

Fashion trends are not just for adults because even baby stores are also offering unique fashion line and cute baby clothes for little infants. These companies are not just catering their products to male and female adults but they are also producing quality and fashionable clothing to kids and babies.

Some of the family oriented stores that sell reallyBaby Standing on Father's Stomach trendy baby clothes are Guess, Gap, JCPenney, Carter’s, H&M, and Nordstrom while there are also companies that exclusively sell cute baby clothes like Gymboree, Mamas and Papas, and Zulily. There are so many brands that you can choose from but some of them are signature brand that can really be expensive for baby clothes.

If you are not really a fan of signature cool baby clothes, I would suggest you go for online entrepreneurs who sell their products online and through social media. Some of these sellers are homemaker moms who make handmade baby clothes by themselves. I have an experience buying from themand it was really a great buy. The clothes have very durable stitches and you will know by the way it was manufactured that the product will last long.

Also, these sellers can custom made clothes for your kids. If you see something on the magazine that you want for your baby and you want to add something to make it look better, then you can ask them to make one for you. You can always design your own cute and trendy baby clothes.

Loving Etsy Handmade Baby Store Online

On February 10, 2015, in Newborn Stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

Are you a fan of handmade product? As for me, I support handmade products a lot and I frequently buy from handmade baby store online like Etsy. I am just so fascinated seeing handmade products that are very cute for my baby. For one instance, I found this very cute pair of crocheted booties that I cannot find in the shopping malls or even from top baby store websites. I swear, I consider this pair of booties one my best baby products purchase.

Handmade products are durable, because you know that these products are handcrafted. Sometimes handmade stuff for babies could be a little bit pricey but sometimes they are also way cheaper. I found this online shop on Etsy where I can ask the owner to customize baby products for me. I had this cute custom made diaper bag, bonnet, mittens, booties, and a fleece shirt that has a name of my baby on it. The owner of the shop gave me some free baby products as a bonus. I still keep those handmade stuffs because for me they are treasure.

How about you? Have you tried shopping on Etsy? Do you have a favorite baby store there that you can share? What is your experience with handmade products? I would like to know. I know a lot of moms out there could relate to this post especially those who are familiar with Etsy.

Moms’ Choice for Stroller Baby Gear

On February 7, 2015, in Fun Baby Stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

fun baby productsI asked several moms for the brand of stroller baby gear they think is very good in terms of performance, quality, appearance, and price. The results are posted below for the top three best stroller baby gear. I also wrote a brief explanation why these three are just so awesome baby brands for gears.

1. Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller
In terms of the price, this baby gear is in the mid-range. At $270, this piece of baby gear makes things a lot simpler for moms. The features of this stroller include one-hand recline and one-hand fold, plus a rain cover. This product received the” The Natural and Organic Award for best organic mother and baby product” in 2012.

2. Travel Smart Graco Stylus Classic Connect LX Travel System, Winslet
This is another baby product that a lot of moms find very attractive and useful. This stroller easily moves from the car to the stroller and vice versa. This is the perfect solution for every moms problem when bringing in a stroller. Most moms said that their baby rides comfortably in and fits securely in the Stylus stroller. The 50-pound limit makes this product very useful even when your baby grows up fast.

3. Budget Beauty Summer 3D Lite Convenience Stroller
If budget is your problem, you can never go wrong with this slim, stylish, and only 12 pounds light baby stroller. Though very lightweight, the extra features are still intact. The sturdy frame can hold a seat with different reclining position. It has storage and roof too. For the price $80.00, this is a good catch.

Frugal Tips: Every Baby Coupons is Important

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I don’t understand why people tend to ignore making use of coupons when this tiny piece of paper (electronic or actual) can help you save money. Taking advantage of baby coupons you find online or on your monthly magazine subscription can save you hundreds of dollars. The amount you can save can buy a lot of important stuff for your family. Men in the house should join their wives in collecting because as we notice, most of the people who collect coupons are mothers. Men should start collecting coupons too because there are products for men who issue coupons to avail discounts such as car products, men clothing, hair products for men, etc.

Johnson and johnson products and natural skin care products are some of the most sought after products that gives away baby coupons. I have tried several times claiming free products like these or use their baby coupons for great discount whenever I shop. If I would total all the savings I got from couponing since I had a child, I think that would total to more than a thousand dollars. Just imagine that amount I was able to save.

That is why I strongly encourage everyone out there to cut out and use those coupons you see on the newspaper or bookmark the online coupons that pass your eyes when you use the internet. Collect them because sooner or later you can use them and help you save extra bucks. Just always remember, we are living in the world where money is important and every centavo counts!

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There are so many new online baby boutique that you can see over the internet nowadays. This really excites me as a mom who just prefers to stay at home. I can shop anytime of the day without having to drive to the mall and walk around for hours. This internet technology gives us the convenience to do important things we need. It saves us time and trouble. You can even find online some free baby samples sent to you.

Although internet shopping for your baby is very convenient, sometimes you would still want to do things the traditional way. The internet gives me the reason to just stay at home but of course there are times that I want to go out and see places with my baby. The perks of actually seeing the actual merchandise before you buy it is one good reason to shop offline.

Also, going to baby boutique at malls gives you the chance to different new baby products that are only available in shops. If you are buying for clothes then shopping offline gives you the chance to fit the product first. If you are buying for baby things like toys, bottles, etc., you get to check the quality first and not just rely on the photos you see in the internet. Actual shopping gives us the chance to be extra careful with the things we buy.

These two ways of shopping in baby boutique are both very advantageous particularly in these busy times. For moms like us, both are useful especially if we have the budget.

What Kind of Newborn Clothes Do You Need for Your Baby?

On January 26, 2015, in Newborn Stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

Babies, especially newborn, are very delicate that is why it is very important that we use the best products on them especially on newborn clothes. Their skin are so fragile that they can easily get irritated by the kind of fabric we put on them whether on their clothing, pillows, and even their bed sheets and blankets.

100 percent pure cotton material is the best choice when choosing the kind of fabric for your young ones. Cotton material has been proven to be hypoallergenic which means it will not cause rashes and irritation on your baby’s skin. Another benefit of using cotton materials on newborn clothes is that it is cool and fresh to wear. Air could flow freely and your baby’s skin will not become sweaty.

For newborn clothes, shirts are very common. Most moms prefer the onesies type that snaps on the crotch area while far more moms prefer to cloth their baby with shirts that you can tie on the side waist as this allows them to conveniently dress their baby without putting the shirt on the head first. Many of this type of newborn cloth are made from pure cotton garment.

Another good thing about cotton is that it is easy to wash and you can easily remove stains and germs on it using mild detergent. Cotton material can retain its texture even for long time. Finding pure cotton material cloths for your baby is not hard because almost all baby stores are selling pure cotton garments. Nature Baby and Sckoon are some of the brand names that offer organic cotton clothing for babies. If you check out their site, you’ll find beautiful and comfy clothing. You may check out other brands that could offer free baby clothes and other free baby items.