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Do You Know How to Stop Breastfeeding?

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Most working moms would want to know how to stop breastfeeding especially if they need to go back to work after their maternity leave. This enters the process of weaning a child. This process might be easy for some moms, but for some it could be a stressful process especially if the baby doesn’t want to let go of his or her mom’s milk.

Stopping breastfeeding is not an overnight process. For some, it could be a short term task. For other moms, it could go on for several weeks, and even for some it would take months to successfully stop from breastfeeding. When to stop breastfeeding couldn’t be really determined right away. As moms, we need to be patient and we have to be keen in observing our babies so we could do better strategy on how to stop breastfeeding.

As we introduce solid foods, we may notice that the breastfeeding time is gradually minimized. This is simply because the time spent on breastfeeding is already being spent in eating. Solid foods can easily make the babies feel full. The normal time intervals when we do breastfeeding could be lengthened and this is a good way to start stopping your baby from breastfeeding.

After 6 months, aside from first foods, you can also start giving your baby formula milk as a substitute for breast milk. Formula milk like first foods can also make the baby feel full. Instead of offering breast milk, give the formula milk for 3 to 5 consecutive days and offer your breast milk only once a day— only before bedtime or during the wee hours of the night or when you are comfortable. If you see improvement happening on the process then you can continue what you are doing until you can finally stop breastfeeding.

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The recommended age for a baby to start eating solids is at 6 months. Before, baby can start eating solid at 4 months, but the American Academy of Pediatrics advised mothers to introduce baby foods at 6 months. Well, moms know best, and you can always tell if you think that your baby is ready to eat solid foods by 4 months, but following advice from the experts would still be a good choice. So, once your baby is ready to eat, do you know how to make baby food that is suitable for them?

Preparing the food baby would love to eat is not as easy as you think. Remember, you are introducing something new to them and their taste buds are not yet fully developed to respond accordingly to a new taste their tongue will touch. It is better to search first or ask advice from experienced moms on what kind of baby food diet to prepare.

Usually the first foods for babies are vegetables like squash, potato, carrots, and other vegetables that are easy to digest. You can start by steaming or boiling these veggies and mashing them so that babies can swallow them easily and that it would be safer on their tummy. Avoid giving your babies vegetables like broccoli and beans because sometimes these veggies could cause allergies. There is a certain age when babies could be ready for these kinds of vegetables.

Fruits like bananas and apples are also good for your baby as first foods. These are very nutritious and very easy to prepare. No need for them to cook, just mash it and give it to your baby gradually using a baby spoon. So you see, how make baby food is so easy. As you get used to mommy duties, you will learn a lot of things about baby food recipes and I’m sure that you and your baby will have the perfect time together.

Traveling to different beautiful places is one of the common things you do when spending time with your family. What if you have a little one? What should you do to make him comfortable for the long hours of road-trip? You might be thinking of what is the best car seat for your baby that he could feel comfortable with, and to relax and can sleep calmly on. The Britax B Agile travel system is a quality car seat for your baby that can make him feel comfortable. Its high density comfort foam offers additional layer of padding for a gentler cushion on your baby. It could carry your baby and until he grows and reach the weigh of 65 pounds.

The Britax B Agile travel system gives safety precautions and information for your child’s safety. The provided safety information is about the proper way of using the product particularly for the height, weight, and age of your baby. It is to give you a better understanding on how to secure your baby. They also produce quality products that are affordable and could last for the next generation.

There are now a lot of different brands of baby accessories. When choosing on your precious ones’ needs make sure that they are of high quality materials. The Britax travel system provides connection to you and your baby especially the newborn one. For instance, if your little angel is sleeping calmly because of the long trip, you can easily move your baby from the car seats to his stroller. It also includes adjustable straps without having to rethread or unhook any of it which could be time consuming.

It features also expanded polystyrene foam used to shield your child in such case of collision that could cause him injury. For your baby’s ventilation it provides large canopy that can cover up your baby from the exposure of heat which could damage the skin and cause infection. As parents we know that baby’s skin is sensitive and easily gets infected. That is why consider first the safety of your family particularly your baby when choosing his accessories.

What Do You Think of 4Moms Mamaroo for Your Baby

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Do you have a fuzzy baby? If a baby is feeling uncomfortable, sick, tired or sleepy, he will cry a lot. How do you comfort your baby during these times? Are you cuddling, holding or dance with the baby? We have so many ways to comfort our baby and one of them is using 4moms mamaroo. It is a bouncer and at the same time serves as swing for your baby. It offers 5 motion patterns like; kangaroo, car ride, ocean wave, rock-a-bye and tree swing.

Babies love the 5 built in different sounds. Your baby will be entertained and will fall asleep with these lovely songs. Because of modern technology, you can connect MP3 player, iPod and other musical device to it. You can customize unlimited songs that’ll surely entertain your baby. It is very convenient to use and you just plug it to the electricity wall.

Are you looking for easy to use play yards for your baby? Try 4moms breeze play yard. It has automatic latches that opens and closes in one step. This play yard comes with removable bassinet for baby, portable changing pad and convenient travel bag. You are buying few helpful baby things in just one price. Your baby will surely love it and will make every parent’s life easier. This is the best play yard or play pen for your baby. It is called the “future of playpens” by TechCrunch.

Having quality time with your baby is simply the best. You can create closer bonding with him. Actually, most babies want to play and having a 4moms mamaroo play pen is a good option. Your baby will enjoy with 5 unique motions that bounces up and down and sways from side to side. It has reversible toy balls, adjustable seat recline and six seat fabrics.

The Best Bottle Warmer For Moms and Babies

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Breast milk is yummy, warm enough and the best milk to offer to a baby. The temperature of milk is perfect during breastfeeding. What if you are bottle feeding your baby? The temperature of the baby formula will be ok after you prepared it but later on it will be different. How can you make sure that formula milk is warm enough before you give it to your baby? During winter, it is hard to keep the baby formula warm enough for your baby. You may need a bottle warmer. A bottle warmer is especially designed to keep the baby bottle warm enough. It is necessary especially when you are bottle feeding your baby.

A bottle warmer will make your mothering life easier. If you have it in your nursery room, it will save you time going up or down to the kitchen to warm up the baby bottle with milk. We have to thank the technology that produces bottler warmer. You don’t need to stand at the sink while running warm water to baby bottle. You don’t need to plunk it to a bowl with hot water. It is uncomfortable to do that kind of job if you have crying and hungry baby on hand.

What is the best bottle warmer? With so many choices of bottler warmer in the market today, you keep wondering what will be the best. The best bottle warmer should have safe warming temps, convenient to use, easy to program, can fit to any bottle size and efficient. Based on my research, I found out that Kiinde Kozii is the number one bottle warmer. It has gentle warming techniques, hands free, can preserve important qualities of milk, easy to program and can accommodate all bottle sizes.

If you’re looking for bottle warmer, you can find a lot through Google. You can even find discounted price and different kinds of bottle warmer.

How to Increase Milk Supply?

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Are you breastfeeding your baby? Breastfeeding for the first few days will be uncomfortable because milk flow is not yet enough. After few days, you will have more and more than enough for your small baby. Infant consumes small amount of milk. When babies are bigger, they need more milk to satisfy their needs. By that time, some mother may don’t have enough milk. You must do something to increase milk supply.

There are some ways to boost your milk supply when breastfeeding. Drinking water, juice or other healthy liquids frequently will help a lot in increasing milk supply. It is recommended to drink at least 64 ounces of water a day to increase milk supply. You need to breastfeed or pump at least 8 to 12 times a day to achieve the strongest milk production. It is important to use your two breast when breastfeeding to ensure the proper balance of foremilk and hind milk.

Breast compression can help utilize the good flow of milk and will encourage the baby to continue breastfeeding. Make sure that your breasts will be your baby’s first choice when he needs food or even for simple comfort. Avoid pacifiers and bottles to encourage the baby to breastfeed often. Don’t forget to breastfeed your baby at night because it can boost your milk supply. Try to relax when breastfeeding. It can contribute to the good flow of your milk.

Do you know that there are herbal remedies than can help increase breast milk supply? Mother’s milk tea promotes healthy lactation. Fenugreek capsules will help increase milk supply but you should consult your doctor before using it. Do you know that oatmeal can also boost breast milk supply? Galactagogue is an herb prescription medication that can boost milk production. If you’re still worried about your milk supply, contact La Leche Legue Leader in your area or a board certified lactation consultant.

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Your Best Strollers Criteria

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A stroller is a kind of baby transport that you use to carry your baby when shopping, having a walk, going to the park or jogging. It is very helpful and makes our life easier. Carrying our baby for long time is very tiring especially when you have to carry something with your baby. Thank you for comfortable and best strollers because it makes huge difference.

Are you looking for the best stroller for jogging, running any errands or travel strollers? BOB Revolution Stroller is best for jogging. It is made of high quality materials and very convenient for both baby and the one who pushes it. The three inches of suspension and on/off tires give a child a smooth and comfortable ride. Actually, this stroller is also best for non-jogging purposes.

Maclaren Quest Sport Stroller is very convenient to use, lightweight, comfortable and the best organic baby stroller. If you’re looking for best stroller for travel, try Graco Stylus Classic Connect Travel System stroller. It is a car seat and stroller in one. The Snugride 30 infant car seat fits perfectly in Stylus stroller and easy to remove from the car and back again to a stroller. This is perfect for a baby weighing up to 50 pounds. Wow! This is really amazing! If you’re in a budget but still want a beautiful, convenient, sturdy, stylish and lightweight stroller, Summer 3D Lite Convenience is for you.

One of the best strollers in running errands and shopping is Babyhome Emotion Stroller. It is light, maneuverable, and has a large basket for your shopping things. The fabric used is removable and washable so it is really convenient to clean.

A list of best strollers 2013 will be you’re based when choosing best stroller today. Let’s find out and check. Baby Jogger Citi Mini GT was the best stroller for 2012 but Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller is best for 2013. Check the complete list from

Where to Find Great Buys for Baby Bedding

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Every baby in the house has a baby crib. This is very important because this is the safest place we can put our baby. It is especially designed to give comfort and convenient for babies. Bedding is a must to protect the baby crib mattress from any dirt.

If you want to get more savings when buying baby beddings then you must look for shops where there is a bedding sale. This is your time to save money on any baby bedding purchase. One set of baby bedding is not enough so we have to buy more. The baby bed may get dirty easily so it’s better if you have extra beddings to use.

You may be looking for bedding stores that offer great value for your baby bedding. You have to know when they sell items on sale.
The sale usually happens on the 15th or the last day of the month. Walmart always offer discounts in their baby products including baby bedding.

Do you know that you can shop online at Walmart? Yes, Walmart have online store and you can check at They have different selections of baby’s stuff including cheap baby bedding. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect theme for your baby that will suit to your nursery room. Aside from baby bedding, you can also find baby related needs like crib bumpers, baby blankets, baby pillows and more.

You should check other bedding websites to compare their prices and how great are the products they have. If you’re looking for trendy, fresh collections and latest baby products, check out I checked their collections and all I can say is Wow! You should checked early and often to avail those great, gorgeous but cheap baby beddings. You can also use free coupons to buy cheap baby products aside from beddings. Don’t miss any bedding sale and enjoy!

Baby Skin Problems: Infant Acne, Pimples and Rash

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Do you have any idea that your baby can have acne and pimples like adults do? It sounds a little bit funny and weird but it’s true. They said that infant acne is very common for babies. It can be present at birth or would show up after few weeks.

Infant acne is a white or red bump pimple-like surrounded by red skin and can be found on baby’s cheeks, forehead, chin and back. It will clear up in few weeks or months. There is medication for infant acne but use it only when prescribed by your doctor. Over-the-counter acne medication may worsen it. Don’t scrub when cleaning the affected area because it may irritate the skin more. Use mild baby soap and water to clean the area. Oily lotions can make the acne worse, so avoid using it.

Baby pimples and infant acne are just similar. According to some studies, baby pimples are normal because the baby’s skin is still adjusting to the weather outside the tummy. Sometimes it is caused by mother’s hormones transferred to babies. It could also be caused by allergy to certain products like cleansers, wipes, shampoos etc. Organic baby products are best for babies so try to switch from chemical based to organic based products. Sometimes, laundry detergent and fabric softener’s chemicals can contribute to baby’s pimples and infant acne. Use mild laundry detergent and fabric softener in washing baby’s stuff.

Do not be too worried if you see baby acne or rash in some body parts of your baby. Treat it like you treat an ordinary rash on your baby’s skin. Use mild baby soap when cleaning the affected areas. Do it in gently and pat dry using soft towel. Do you know that breast milk can cure baby pimples or infant acne? This is the most natural way in treating them. Simply rub few drops of breast milk on affected areas and you might be surprised how it will cure them.

What Can You Say About Mam Pacifier?

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baby pacifiersIs your baby a pacifier lover? It seems that a pacifier is one of baby’s necessities. A pacifier is given to baby to suck on. This is usually made of rubber, plastic or silicone nipple. It is not a substitute for feeding but given if the baby is still fussy after you’ve feed him. Sometimes, the baby may cry without any reason and giving him a pacifier may stop him crying. It came from the word “pacify”.

Some baby may suck their fingers to pacify themselves and it seems that they are happy about it. Some baby needs pacifier during bedtime and it seems that pacifier has a soothing effect. Not all babies are pacifier lovers. Most of them don’t actually want it and spits it out of their mouth. According to some studies, using pacifier may have disadvantages if used continuously after 3 years of age. It can affect the teeth and gum development of children.

Do you know that there is a healthy pacifier for your baby? Mam pacifier developed an orthodontic pacifier in cooperation with International Children Medical Research Society along with special dentists and designers. Excellent mam pacifier can help your baby have a healthy jaw and teeth development. The smart designs perfectly fit to baby’s mouth. This is great! Most parents choose this kind of pacifier because it is healthy for the baby.

There are so many kinds of pacifiers available in the market and you can even get free samples of the different pacifiers that may suit your baby. Some are glowing, colorful and so cute that baby will love to have. Some company offers personalized pacifiers for your convenience. You can decide which size, color, theme or design you would like to. If you want to write your baby’s name on it, they will do that for you.
Pacifiers are helpful but can be a danger in your baby’s health if not cleaned properly. Make sure to clean pacifiers regularly and cover it if not use.