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First Time Mom: Huggies or Pampers?

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A lot of moms pick Huggies as the best diaper brand for babies while there are also many parents saying they are considering Pampers to use on their tiny infants. These two diaper brands are the most popular brands not just in the US but also in other parts of the world and I am sure a lot of moms have used these brands before on their children.

If you are a mom like me who have used both Huggies and Pampers you will understand that each of them has their own good and bad sides. When my children were still young, I have kept both brands as I find that both have their own good and bad sides, but of course most of the time when I’m just at home I use the washable cloth diaper since it’s more economical, earth-friendly, and safer to use.

I can say about Huggies is that it’s thicker and would last longer on my baby but I just noticed that my baby’s skin easily gets reddish and I suppose that is going to be baby rashes in the making if I will not replace the diaper. For Pampers, I love the powdery scent that even if it gets wet several times by baby urine, the smell is still there and my baby doesn’t smell like urine. I also like that it is a bit thinner than Huggies which means air flows freely inside. The only thing I don’t like about it is that since it is thinner, it easily gets full.

These two brands are giving free product samples, so moms out there especially first time mommies can test the product before buying in bulk. I encourage every parent to take advantage of this free diaper samples by going to the product’s website and checking out and subscribing on their promos.

Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for a month now. The more I read, the more I learn there is so much information out there new moms are sharing with one another, and I find it fascinating. It’s not just about making a baby together, that comes with the stressful wait, there are all these questions, when to test, should I use an OPK? What about the SMEP technique? All of this is very confusing and makes me feel like I should have researched some more.

Lucky you, here I come to the rescue. :) I know we’ve been trying to conceive for just 1 month, but seeing all these ladies, different ages, different situations, trying for much longer makes me want to know everything I need to know, and now.

Grapefruit juice anyone?

So I’ve been hearing about the grapefruit juice to increase the cervical mucus that helps get you knocked up fast by trapping the sperm inside for longer in the cervix to help get the swimmers in where they belong LOL. I’m gonna try that one for sure this cycle. Plus some vitamin C can’t hurt nobody.

What the heck is SMEP?

Of course, if you want to get your egg fertilized, you need to have some sex, simple right? Ummm, nooo. If you want to increase the chances of conception you should learn to chart, and by doing so following the SMEP method, sperm meets egg plan, you can schedule BD, baby dancing, accordingly. If you count your cycle day 1, CD1, as the first day of your period, than starting making love on the 8th day, then CD 10, and on an on every 2 days, until you get a + on your OPK test, then do it then, and 2 days straight, then one day off, and another extra BD for a bonus. This way you increase the chances of getting pregnant and by so you are making sure to not miss ovulation day an have enough sperm inside, by observing your cervix mucus which then should be egg whitey, or wet, not sticky, which will help keep the sperm protected inside and even help lead it to your egg.

Baby dust to all. X

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Baby Bibs are Better than Infant Towels

On July 7, 2014, in Newborn Stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

Baby bibs are essential. According to most moms this is one of the most used baby accessory. From delivery to years as a child, infants never ever quit creating messes when they drink milk, eat foods, fun activities they do, and just about anything they do. Wearing your baby a baby bib is important throughout his childhood years. They often spit up the milk they drink and not having an immediate wiping cloth to clean the spit up can be bothersome.

An infant bib is extremely convenient and handy compared with infant bath towels or infant hankies since you can tie up bibs easily on your baby’s neck. You can use the baby bib right away before the spit goes directly on their clothes if your baby suddenly spits up. For older babies wearing bibs is something that we need to carefully look after because there are some incidents that babies get choked by the bibs they’re wearing, even though for infants, using a baby bib is absolutely fine since they are not aware that they are wearing one. Just to ensure that they may be using it securely, do not tie up it tightly, just sufficient to allow them to remove or let it loose once they often draw it far from their throat or once they roll carelessly.

When using baby bibs, always make sure that the bibs must be neat. Make sure that it was not dropped on filthy flooring or have already been put on a messy desk. If you prefer to use baby towels or natural cotton handkerchiefs also make sure that they are clean before wiping your baby’s mouth with it. Baby bibs and towels are stuff that are often misplaced and germs could easily come in contact with it.

How to Dry up Breast Milk and Quit Nursing

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There has to be a very good reason why some mothers want to find out how to dry up breast milk. Nowadays, mothers are not only simple housewives or homemaker, they are becoming professional working mothers who have to work away from home each day making cash for the household. We realize that a lot of women choose this type of setup and breastfeeding their kids for very long will not be on top of their concern. There are some moms that stop nursing their child as early as two months, while others don’t breastfeed at all, but often they would stop at six months.

Another reason is that some women produce very less amount of milk, while others dry up so fast. There are ways to make your breast milk dry up even if you have a substantial supply of breast milk. How long does it take for breastmilk to dry up? Well, it depends. Every woman differs from another. I quit nursing right after 3 years. The moment I decided to stop, the breast milk did not dry up that instant. It had taken me weeks to completely dry up my breast milk.

I am uncertain how you can dry up breast milk during the early phases, but if you are to quit after years there are things you have to expect that will happen to your body. During the first few months your breast will tender and swell because of the breast milk. If you let the milk out, you can just ease the swelling but you will prolong the wait. The only best way I know how to dry up breast milk is to simple quit nursing and wait around for days or even weeks for your breast milk production to decelerate. You just need to have patience.

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I recall the very first time I begin giving my infant solid foods, it had been unsuccessful but in some way I managed to draw them back. It had been difficult to give my infant her first baby foods particularly that she’s been so used to having just breast milk. I can still remember her face the first time I place a spoonful of mashed veggie I provided her. It had been a really amusing response.

Among the first foods for baby which i provided her is mashed squash. I boiled a piece then mashed it. She did not enjoy it in the beginning and I also was discouraged after several attempts of feeding her yet she had not been opening up her mouth and consistently rejecting the food. It had been challenging task to feed my baby but in some way I managed to handle it the very first day. The next day that I attempted to feed her with mashed potato she does what she exactly did the first time.

The third day I prepared again the mashed squash because I bought a half of it and it might just rot if I don’t cook it within the day. Furthermore, I prepared the rest of the squash for lunch time. I had been amazed that she replied very well and I also do not have difficult time giving her the food whatsoever. I suppose she’s becoming accustomed to the taste of the first baby foods. Once a day I let her eat solid foods. She actually is improving in consuming the foods I prepare for her. I attempted other sorts of vegetables and fruits that are perfect for 6 months old baby. Furthermore, I tried out ready-made infant food items purchased from the food but of course, with moderation.

A Consultant for Your Lactation Problems

On June 28, 2014, in Newborn Stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

Some mothers are capable to get continuous and abundant production of breast milk, although some are trying to find answers with their lactation issues. Finding a lactation consultant is one of the best options to solve your breastfeeding dilemma if you are one of those who have trouble breastfeeding. I know some friends who are moms who seek advice from lactation expert because they really look forward giving their babies breast milk. I am no expert in breastfeeding but I was so blessed to be able to provide milk for my baby until 3 years of age.

My friends would ask me how I got to manage breastfeeding my child with the kind of body I have. I am a small-framed woman and I never weighed more than 105 lbs. I guess I was just so motivated to breastfeed my child. The first time I offered my breast milk to my baby was not a success because I have inverted nipple. I just keep on letting her latch until she was able to get the hang of it and there began the stimulation of breast milk. I always drink a lot of fluids so that all the liquid lost in my body gets replenished. Furthermore, I considered organic medication like moringa leaves. These leaves are always included in every soup meal I eat. These tips may be ideal for breastfeeding mothers with lactation issues, but still, asking a lactation advisor will be the very best move to make.

Not just these experts may help you produce quality breast milk; they will also help you solve other issues on nursing your child. They can give you the proper help that you and your baby needs especially if your baby has latching difficulty. If you are experiencing pain while nursing, they can help you with that as well.

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Mommy’s Right Here to Assist a Gassy Infant

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Often times we freak out whenever we observe a problem is going on especially with our newborn babies. Newborn babies cannot talk what they feel and just how they think, so if they are in discomfort, starving, or feeling cold, all they could do would be to cry it out loud. But occasionally you will find apparent circumstances wherein our infants have something unusual, for instance, is when your baby becomes a gassy infant.

A gassy baby can be treated effortlessly, so there is absolutely no reason for moms to freak out. Over-the-counter medications are safe if they are meant for newborn babies. I understand that baby gas drops can actually give remedy to a gassy newborn instantly, but remember, you can always make home remedies, in this way you don’t need to go to the drugstore and buy medicine because all you need is right there at the comfort of your own home. Utilizing boiled drinking water with couple of anise seed or cumin seed is definitely an immediate home cure for the gassy infant.

If you want to avoid this condition you just need to position your baby properly every feeding time. Keep in mind, gas could develop inside a newborn’s belly through swallowed air when you feed them or when they cry too much. To prevent air from getting into your baby’s stomach other than proper feeding position, constantly make her burp each and every after feeding time. You simply need to carry her facing your shoulder or lay her down facing the bed and gently pat her back. Alternatively and better yet, gently rub her back in an upward motion. You will be aware by the noise of a good burp when you listen to it. This means she’s gas-free and would no longer be in discomfort.

The Very Best Natural Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

On June 22, 2014, in Baby diapers, by Amanda Mitchell

Before visiting the doctor for a prescribed medicine, you might want to consider first that there might be efficient natural home remedies for diaper rash? Indeed, surprisingly, you will find baby diaper rash remedies in your own home. These treatments are quite typical stuff that you use each day. To begin with, have you ever heard about cornstarch for baby diaper rashes? The cornstarch you add to your recipe to thicken your sauce and to create gravies and breading can use also be used to deal with the skin rashes successfully.

How to get rid of diaper rash by using cornstarch is extremely simple. You need to simply put it on the affected area just how you use a baby powder. It has no harsh chemical content and it traps moisture and oil on your baby’s skin that can worsen the rashes and that is the good thing about using this product. Additionally, it is an all-natural treatment for any types of rashes and allergy. For this reason, it is extremely safe to use on your baby’s sensitive skin area. Although this is simply not an immediate treatment, a minimum of it offers your child an immediate comfort for the pain brought by the skin issue.

An addition to the best natural home remedies for diaper rash which I discovered very helpful is the petrolum jelly. For me personally, it really works! With continued use her skin gets better and better, though again, it doesn’t instantly take away rashes. Every time I change her diaper I just put very little, I apply ample amount after bath time before putting diapers on. So I have to reapply once in a while because if I don’t, for sure the rashes will come out or might spread, I’ve tried using baby powder and it is also helpful but once the baby pee it gets washed out.

I have breastfed my kid for 3 years and I never ever heard about foods to avoid when breastfeeding. In fact I eat more than the usual not just because I need to but I guess it becomes natural, and I easily get hungry, I eat anything I want to eat. I consume large lunch and breakfast. Since I don’t feel satisfied and I get hungry in the wee hours of the night, I get to eat big dinner too, although my normal routine is to eat less for dinner.

I noticed that caffeinated drinks should not be consumed because it could successfully pass onto breast milk. I consume only one cup of coffee and that is my typical dosage. I am not necessarily a coffee-lover simply because I get gassy once I consume excessive amount of coffee. I would suggest you start drinking decaf if you are a coffee person and can’t get through in a day without multiple cups of coffee. Delicious chocolate is also considered as caffeinated drink and you might like to quit your delicious chocolate dependency while you are carrying your baby inside.

Just to ensure that your breast milk is not going to taste weird that your baby would spit out, refrain from eating foods to avoid while breastfeeding that consists of hot and spicy ingredients. Just about everything we consume successfully pass onto our breast milk so we need to be cautious. Alcoholic drinks and cigarette smoking should and must continually be stopped since these are actually terrible components to combine together with your breast milk. Getting cigarettes and alcohol is really a possible danger for your baby’s wellness. You do not need to completely quit food items that you like. You need to simply consume them moderately. Overeating from the foods to avoid when breastfeeding could truly impact the caliber of breast milk you produce.

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Natural Baby Products That You will Certainly Enjoy

On June 16, 2014, in Newborn Stuff, by Amanda Mitchell

With regards to our infants, we constantly want the very best particularly for every products we use. Everyone knows that some baby items with chemical substance are extremely dangerous and to make use of it could harm our babies. We do not want our infants to experience this and for this reason most mothers are starting to enjoy organic baby products. I have gathered by far the most suggested all-natural infant items from various mothers. According to their evaluations, these items work well, inexpensive, and suitable for their infants. Also, because these are natural, this means it is eco-friendly which is among the most significant reasons why we need to use natural baby products.

Some of the natural products for babies recommended by moms is the machine washable natural bamboo nursing pads. These are extremely perfect for nursing mothers because this product is produced from anti-bacterial bamboo. Additionally, it is comfy to use because it is also contains natural cotton materials. Natural cotton pillows such as the types of boppy can also be available in organic form. Natural hair shampoo for infants is suggested as they are mild for your baby’s head and scalp. Infants have really delicate head which chemical substance-dependent hair shampoos may aggravate.

Natural infant cleansers maintain and cleanse baby’s delicate skin area whilst regular infant cleansers might cause skin rashes that will give pain on your little baby. Natural infant detergents are much better for your baby’s clothes compared to the laundry detergent you utilize on your own clothing. There are more proven benefits that you and your baby could get in using organic baby products, aside from all those being mentioned above, they are also good for the environment which is the very important among all its benefits.