Day to day living is not easy for many families and when you add in the expense of having to purchase such things as baby clothes, car seats and diapers-then it can get even tougher to make ends meet. But there is assistance for low income families who are in need for baby products.

Diapers are one of the biggest expenses you have the first 12 months or so of a baby’s life. That is why diaper makers, both cloth and disposable have programs to assistant low income families. Huggies has the “Every Little Bottom” campaign that gives packages of disposable diapers to local charities and hospitals to pass on to needy families. The Cloth Diaper Foundation also has a program where families can apply to the directly for help.

Just like food pantries, many local charities, women’s shelters, churches and the Red Cross operate supply pantries in order to give assistance to low income families with babies. These “pantries” supply such items as cribs, mattresses, strollers, clothing and other similar baby items that are donated by private citizens and other local organizations or retail centers.

Each one of the fifty states in the USA has a child restraint law for children riding in motor vehicles. Babies are generally not allowed to leave the hospital after birth unless they have a car seat that meets all safety standards. For that reason alone, most hospitals and birthing centers lend assistance to low income families who need car seats by giving them brand new ones.

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