Free Baby Items for Low Income Families

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free baby items for low income familiesIf you are looking for free baby items for low income families I’ll show you where and how to get them without any gimmicks. As the options are great, some will take less efforts on your behalf to claim the free items quickly and easy.

Where Can I Get My Free Baby Items?

The quickest website I know which gives out the products without surveys and other blood tests you have to take ;), is Planning Family where you can get free baby items for low income families with an easy email submit, that’s all, no need for surveys or completion of other offers, they truly give away what they promise, after a lot of disappointments from other similar sites, they truly are amazing.

I got a free formula sample, a big size, with a $2 coupon to use again. They send out a newsletter where you get all of those valuable tips for new parents, what made me trust them as well was they have a lot of fans on Facebook and on their forums. They really want what’s best for you as a parent and I wish there were more websites like them, helping low income families with diapers, formula, free coupons and lots of other baby free items.


Where Can I Get More Free Baby Giveaways?

Facebook is a great place to get free baby items for your baby. The secret is, I found a lot of baby boutiques who give away lots of free baby items such as baby clothes, dresses, diapers and more on a monthly basis which helps you increase your chances of winning the free giveaway because there are fewer parents looking to win these products on Facebook. Now I share with you this secret to help you save money and get free quality, even expensive products for little to no effort.

free baby items for low income families







Here are a few of my favorite fan pages:

Emilys Bowtique, Ona Jean’s Children’s Boutique, The Purple Turtle Boutique. Enter and check them out for giveaways. Now, you get the idea, look for more baby boutiques for more free baby items on Facebook and get your baby original and unique free stuff.

For even more giveaways, if you love reading mom blogs like I do, they often give away lots of free baby items sponsored by boutiques, same thing here too. A fantastic mom blogger Baby Making Machine is giving away baby products from free baby stores visa gift cards to free baby products.

Another example, is giving away lots of those free baby items.

Thanks for reading my review, hope it was helpful for you and your baby.

7 Responses to “Free Baby Items for Low Income Families”

  1. coletia reid says:

    Dont have nothing new for my newborn baby.Can u help me

  2. heather traore says:

    I was wondering how to get help with baby items, i am 29 weeks pregnant and i have nothing.

  3. crystal clark says:

    I am have a baby and I don’t have the money to buy a crib

  4. Heather Paholski says:

    I am 30 weeks pregnant. I cant work right now because of complications. I really need diapers and a crib.

  5. ashley james says:

    I am almost 8 months pregnant and Ihave nothing for my baby at all. Anything will be greatly needed and appreciated

  6. Charles Elkins says:

    I desperately need baby clothes for a 1 yr old Baby girl petite and we have a newborn boy coming any day. I cannot afford store prices. I need hand me downs. Please help. I will pay any shipping costs. If you need cash for items let me know. I am not rich. But love children and hate not knowing how to cloth and feed. I’ve got all avenues covered just need baby clothes. Am going to swap meet tomorrow. 2430elkdog@ help

  7. amber deanda says:

    I’m 27 week pregnant with a girl I just got my house and trying to better my life for my 15 month son and don’t have noting yet for my baby girl I would appreciate the help

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