Free Diapers for Low Income Families

On October 6, 2012, in How to Save Money, by admin

If you’re using the internet chances are you are probably doing relatively ok. But I want you to stop for a minute and realize how important our mission is. See, there are millions of low income families in America who are struggling to deal with the costs of new babies, and one of the most heartbreaking statistics I’ve encountered is how low income babies spend so many hours, sometimes full days in one diaper just because their parent can not afford buying enough diapers.

These lead to health issues and you can imagine how this cycle continues with low income families and infants getting less opportunities than the rest of us, and are less likely to get out of their situation. As a persona who had to struggle with financial Armageddon, I can’t help but feel for these people and do anything in my power to help which is why I started this page and a few others, to help low income families get a supply of free diapers whenever possible.

If you’re in a situation where you can help, please share this page which contains a lot of information and tips for low income families on getting free diapers. If you have more spare time on your hands perhaps consider volunteer work at the National Diaper Network.


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