The Breastfeeding vs. Formula Debate

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve never had a kid, chances are you will still have a definite opinion on the Breastfeeding vs. Formula debate! It’s just one of those topics where the debate has gone on so long that you can’t help but take a stance. However, once you finally get where this debate is relevant to your life, you find you’re still seriously confused! Also, it is when you’ve had the baby that you realize there were so many aspects of the situation that you didn’t factor in. To be able to take the best decision for you and your baby – and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ decision – here are a few aspects, discussed briefly, that you need to consider:

The financial aspect: Breastfeeding is free and formula milk is seriously expensive! It can cost anywhere from $1000 to $2400 a year, depending upon the brand you use. A lactation consultant is also expensive, though, costing about 100$ per session!

The medical aspect: The major advantage of breastfeeding is that formula just can’t provide the antibodies a mother’s milk can. But at around two months, the baby’s immune system picks up and it’s far less of a concern. Breastfeeding may be painful for many women, causing mastitis and plugged ducts. It is also emotionally draining especially if the baby cannot latch, and loses weight.

Comfort and Ease: Breast milk is always available when required, per se. But the fact remains that this is a very difficult option for working women, who need room and time for pumping.

Formula milk is simple to prepare and can be fed to the baby by anyone at all.
Do not be pressurized into doing something you are personally not comfortable with by either lobby! If you are under stress it will definitely be projected towards your baby. Do your research well, and make an informed decision which suits you!

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